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Three different 3D models of the creatures were created for the video - here is a simplified version of one of them. I rigged multiple points of articulation for each tentacle, although these can't all be seen working in the finished clip due to the comparatively short length of the VFX shots.

A six week-long, commissioned solo project from 2014, utilising Maya, Mudbox, Photoshop and After Effects to put CG effects into a video sequence which I'd shot on the clients' behalf. Premiere Pro was used to edit the finished piece.


Recursor is the first single released by The Resonance Association from their new album Return From Dreaming.


We shot the live action elements in one afternoon around Addington Hills, Surrey on the 1st September 2014 - we used Derek Jarman's 1971 film Journey To Avebury as a point of reference in how we wanted to depict the countryside. While doing so I discussed various ideas with the band about incorporating more psycadelic CG elements into the story as well and we liked the idea of bizarre, tentacled creatures drifting through the summer sky as if they belonged there. I realised this through models built and textured in Mudbox, then rigged and animated in Maya. After Effects was finally used to track the shots and composite the elements and Premiere pro was used to create the look of aged/colour-damaged 8mm film stock.


The band were pleased with my work and only requested minimal revisions. The video/single were released together on the 1st October.


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Howard Gardner CG

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