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Autodesk Maya (10 years)

Zbrush (2 years)

Adobe After Effects (9 years)

Adobe Photoshop (20+ years)

SynthEyes (7 years)

Adobe Premiere (9 years)

Microsoft Office (20+ years)

Skills overview

3D sculpting/polygonal modelling

UV unwrap and texturing



Video editing

Video direction


Concept art


Camera tracking



I’ve always been intrigued by the fantastic; from the Star Wars movies and the Marvel comics which absorbed me as a young child to my love for surrealist art and horror literature which developed later in life.

Through the years I’ve explored these interests through visual media such as painting, short filmmaking and animation and I approach all design work from the mindset of my fine art training. Today I work mostly with digital art; I believe that CGI images provide the best possibilities today for fantasy storytelling and I’m always attempting to push new boundaries.

Howard Gardner CG

Location: London, UK





















Please note: I am not Dr Howard E Gardner the psychologist. If you have a query concerning his work please go back into google and continue searching!



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Howard Gardner CG

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