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Music videos and Film Fests

Firstly, my screening of A Comforting Uncertainty at the Portobello Film Festival went well last month. Sadly it did not get nominated for any awards, but I was present when it got shown and the audience eaction seemed to be very positive. A few people spoke to me afterwards with comments and questions, clearly the nods towards David Lynch's filmmaking style were noticed and appreciated!

In the weeks since then I've been very busy working on two other new music videos, one for Decommissioned Forests (as part of the promo campaign for their next album, release date likely next year) and one for Non-Bio (released yesterday, album release date the 31st October). I will post a link here so that you can see the Non-Bio video, it's quite an epic and is almost entirely CGI. I pulled out all the stops I could in order to have it ready before the album release but also to try and showcase everything new I've learned with my 3D modelmaking over the last two years - a sort of mini showreel if you will.

Watch the non-Bio video here on Youtube

Finally there was another short film project that I worked on at the beginning of 2022 and I wasn't really able to discuss that one online until now. The film is titled Mama's Watching and it's directed by Dustin Curtis Murphy - I've worked with him in the past on a couple of other shorts and also on something substantially bigger which I will still have to remain quiet about for now. My role for this particular film was the motion graphics for the titles and also I did some digital makeup augmentations for one of the characters. Mama's Watching started doing the festival circuit this month, as it's a horror piece and there's always more demand for those in the run-up to Halloween!

Having come second in the AudPop 2022 Horror Film Challenge the film is now copeting in some other festivals over in the States. I believe it's also due to be screened at the Kino London event held on the 29th November.

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