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Gardner+Salnikov: Unexpected Items

A music video project which involved using Maya, SynthEtes, Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere. This was a collaboration with one other person, although I had a large degree of creative discression with the post-production side of things.


Some background: in July 2015 I got together with my sometime collaborator Misha Salnikov, to record a session of improvised electronic music - a number of circuit bent devices were used that evening.


The resulting music was later released on Bandcamp as a free download and soon afterwards we began discussing possible ways to promote the album and the most logical way seemed to be making a music video for one of the tracks. In Spetember 2015 Misha and I met up in Richmond with no specific plan, just a camera and a rubber pigeon mask. We ended up doing some unauthorised filming within a supoermarket for one of the scenes, which we accomplished using this ingenious piece of camera-flage:


One of several wireframe animated cut-aways which I used in the video. These were inspired largely by eighties video game graphics and the (then) cutting edge CG animations featured in Star Wars Episode IV and Tron.


The polygonal models were built in Autodesk Maya using the Surface Shader material and rendered using the Contour Rendering feature of Mental Ray. For a couple of shots these had to be tracked to existing camera footage using SynthEyes.

A raw still, taken before any visual effects or colour grading were applied (the grainy, tinted look was achieved primarily through Adobe's 'Posterise' effect and 'Mojo' from Red Giant's Magic Bullet suite.

The cover art from the Ad:DISCO:mbo album; I

took a still from the raw footage and used

Photoshop to merge the bird-man with an appropriate backdrop, photographed on a different day.

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Howard Gardner CG

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