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Star Wars: May 4th special

Earlier this month, as is becoming increasingly common across the world, we all recognised Star Wars Day. Maxon, the new owners of Zbrush, decided this year that they would dedicate a fairly lengthy livestream to it and they set a challenge for Zbrush users to submit fan art in the weeks running up to it.

I decided to have a go and you can see the results here - I decided to model two of my favourite characters from the franchise, the GNK ("Gonk") Power Droid and the Rancor. To the best of my knowledge, at no point within the Star Wars universe have these two appeared on screen together and I created a humorous model of what such a meeting might look like.

The livestream featured a number of industry professionals connected with Star Wars and I'm happy to say my work did (very briefly) pop up on screen at 0:27 into the video!

Maybe next year I will submit somethign else if they run the challenge again,

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