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Howard Gardner CG

In Vein

Three month-long commissioned solo project, utilising Maya, Mudbox, Photoshop, Nuke and (to finish off a couple of shots) After Effects. The editing and final grade was done with Adobe Premiere Pro.


An all-animated music video which I made in 2014 for Canadian industrial/electronica band X-KiN. The photographic images of Karl the vocalist was supplied by Samantha Eyers but all the rest was animated by myself using Maya and composited in Nuke.


I tried out a number of techniques involving modelling, lighting, depth-of-field and compositing for the first time and the whole video was completed in around three months. I would still consider it my most successful work to date.


'Rotor Mouth' - one of the unsavoury characters inhabiting the video's world. The original version of the model was rigged for sitting at the dining table while this one is not. Also note the textures have been re-UV'd for upload to Sketchfab, since the original texture files generated by Mudbox did not convert well.

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Howard Gardner CG

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