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I Am A Ghost Ship

I have recently used Mandelbulb fractal animations to create a music video for the single I Am A Ghost Ship by the newly-formed industrial band Decommissioned Forests.


I discussed this project with the band late last year and I mentioned I would like to make something quite hypnotic and psychadelic using Mandelbulb 3D freeware. Having already seen my earlier experiments they agreed to this and I spent around four weeks putting together a five minute promo. I had almost total creative control over the video but submitted it for feedback before it went live. The four weeks were mostly spent rendering the footage - once I'd decided upon the colour scheme and the fractal forumlae it was simply a matter of letting the workstation churn out all the necessary frames. I also requested that it generate an image sequence for the z-depth channel, enabling me to simulate camera lens DoF when compiling the sequences in After Effects. I also used CC Particle World in After Effects to create the impression of small objects floating in fluid.


I used an HD camcorder to film directly from the monitor to capture low-res sequences for the 'glitching' parts and the final edit was assembled using Adobe Premier.


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Howard Gardner CG

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