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Comic Book Kingdom

Towards the end of 2017 I was commissioned by Marius Smuts Productions to design and animate a minute-long title sequence for the documentary film Comic Book Kingdom. I set about creating this using Maya, however I was aiming for a rather different aesthetic than my usual one. Although I designed the object textures in my usual way using Photoshop, I then made use of the Toon Shaders and thick rendered contour lines to create a look more in keeping with the hand-drawn appearance of comic art.


The 'Rabbit' character flying with a jetpack was included at the clients' request as this is a nod to one of his own comic creations, but I was free to design the planets, spaceships and flying robot however I wished (Star Wars may have been influential here). After Effects was used to composite the animation layers and also to add particle effects for the hyperspace sequence and the jet trails.


I worked to a script provided by the client and the piece took me around two and a half weeks to complete.

Comic Book Kingdom is currently in the selection for a number of film festivals and has been named as a finalist in the Feature Documentary category at the Brighton Rocks Film Festival.


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